Aluminium Square Edge Tile Trim

Experience the excellence of our Aluminium Square Edge Tile Trim, expertly crafted from durable, industrial-grade aluminium. Designed to fit various tile sizes and available in an array of finishes, it suits diverse aesthetics. Its innovative square edge design protects tile edges, enhancing longevity. Corrosion-resistant and requiring minimal maintenance, it’s ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Easy installation makes it a perfect choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Stocking our tile trim means upgrading your offerings and delivering quality to your customers.

Aluminium Square Edge Tile Trim Features

Aluminium Square Edge Tile Trim ​Features
  • Protection:  The Aluminium Square Edge Tile Trim serves as a protective barrier for tile edges, safeguarding them against impacts, moisture, and everyday wear and tear. It prevents chipping, cracking, and fraying, enhancing the longevity of the tiled surface.
  • Seamless Transitions: This trim ensures a smooth and visually appealing transition between different floor surfaces. It creates a neat border where tiles meet other materials like carpet, wood, or vinyl, eliminating tripping hazards and providing seamless integration between different flooring types.
  • Aesthetic Enhancement:  With its square-shaped edge, the trim provides precise and clear alignment, thereby enhancing the overall appearance of the tiled area. It contributes to the overall visual allure of the space by giving the tile’s margins a professional and finished appearance.
  • Long-lasting Durability: The trim’s sturdy aluminium construction ensures long-lasting durability. It is resistant to corrosion, rust, and degradation, maintaining its structural integrity even in challenging environments.

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