Custom Trim Packagings

We work closely with our customers, providing trim packagings which are pratical, competitive and market leading, with little effort to put straight on the shelf .


Trim Packaging Production & Branding

We believe complete packaging for every customer is as important as trim manufacturing. As supplier in edging trim production, we connect the dots between customer experience, and marketing needs.

By uniquely combining branding and design with our tailored production, we deliver end-to-end service.

Standard Trim Packagings

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Protective Film

NiuYuan offer protective film that's thin yet strong, easy to unwrap, and is recyclable, to reduce damage and ensure product integrity.

Shrink Wrapping 2

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrapping protects your product while allows it to fully visible.

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Polybag packaging is the most common and lowest cost transparent plastic bag for trims. These bags are strong and waterproof.



NiuYuan Can provide you with many high-quality carton options that reflect your brand image and ensure that your packaging works as expected by you and your consumers.

Paper tube packaging

Paper Tube Packaging

Our reusable, low-cost paper tube packaging is packaging for high volume trimns, which during shipment or display does not dull or damage tools.

wooden pallet

Steel Pallet or Wooden Pallet

Steel pallets allow bulk loads and handing requirements while wooden pallet is suitable for heavy products where a strong and solid unit is needed. Both are available in NiuYuan.

Got A Drawing? Upload for Customization

NiuYuan Metal has served countless industries including OEM manufacturing, store fixture, store display, commercial millwork, woodworkers, sign manufacturers, and more. Whether you require custom extrusions or standard trims, we meet your requirements on time, on spec, and on budget.

Explore What Benefit You Next

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Trim Shapes

L-shape, R-shape, Square-shape, see what we can do to bring your idea to life.

Extrusion Fabrication 2 1

Extrusion & Fabrication

See how instock moldings and custom moldings make your order possible.

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Finishes Treatment

Finishes and colors will maximize your products appearance.

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Quality Control

How full inspection takes place in our China-based factory.

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