Carpet Transition Strip Manufacturer

NIUYUAN is a leading manufacturer of the carpet transition strip for use in various applications.

Your Premier Carpet Transition Strip Supplier

NIUYUAN can create custom carpet transition strip using a range of materials, including aluminum, brass, stainless steel, PVC, and rubber.

If you are looking for a professional carpet transition strip manufacturer in china, NIUYUAN will be your premier choice. As an experienced carpet transition strip factory since 2008, NIUYUAN has exported different carpet transition strip to over 100 countries and has many unique carpet transition strip designs for your business.

You can also custom your own carpet transition strip base on NIUYUAN stock designs or just based on your drawing. You can request a sample to check our carpet transition strip quality before custom your carpet transition strip mold. Just send us your inquiry and get an instant quote now.

NIUYUAN Carpet Transition Strip Project

Carpet to Tile Transition Strip

A carpet to tile transition strip is a strip of material that is used to bridge the gap between a carpeted floor and a tiled floor.

Z Bar Carpet Transition

A Z-bar carpet transition is a type of transition strip that is used to bridge the gap between a carpeted floor and a floor of a different material, such as tile or wood.

Tile to Carpet Transition Strip

A tile to carpet transition strip helps to smooth out the transition between the two different types of flooring and can help to prevent tripping or other accidents.