Listello Tile Trim

NIUYUAN Listello tile trim comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns, allowing for customization and versatility in design. Some popular styles include geometric, floral, and abstract designs, as well as natural stone and metal finishes. Listello can be installed horizontally or vertically and can be used in conjunction with other decorative elements such as inserts, medallions, and borders to create a cohesive and personalized design.

Materials Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper
Surface Treatment Anodize, Brush, Powder Coating, Polish, etc.
Punching Hole Round, Triangle, square, or customized.
Length 2.5 meters/piece, or customized.

Listello is commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, and other wet areas to add visual interest and break up large expanses of solid-colored tiles. It can also be used in entryways, hallways, and other areas of the home to create a striking focal point or accent feature. Listello is a durable and long-lasting material that is resistant to moisture, stains, and wear, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas.