PVC L Shape Trim

PVC L Shape Trim is the ultimate solution for a clean, sharp finish in your tiling projects. Made from high-grade PVC, this trim delivers excellent durability and a neat, modern look. The L shape design ensures precise and sharp edges, protecting tile corners from chipping and enhancing the overall aesthetic. Suitable for a variety of interiors and straightforward to install, our PVC L Shape Trim is the perfect detail to elevate the quality and style of your space.

PVC L Shape Trim Features

PVC L Shape Trim Features
  • Robust and Lightweight: Our PVC L Shape Trim combines durability and lightness. It’s constructed with high-quality PVC, offering exceptional protection for tile edges, while also being easy to handle during installation.

  • Sharp, Clean Corners: The L shape of this trim provides a neat, defined corner that elevates the overall look of your tiling. This sharp edge enhances aesthetic appeal and ensures a professional finish.

  • Water and Impact Resistance: PVC is naturally water-resistant, making this trim an excellent choice for areas with high moisture, such as bathrooms or kitchens. Additionally, its impact-resistant nature reduces the risk of damage and chipping.

  • Ease of Installation: Our PVC L Shape Trim is designed for a straightforward installation process. Its flexibility and lightweight nature make it a suitable choice for both professional builders and DIY enthusiasts.

  • Cost-Efficient: As a PVC product, this trim offers a high-quality, affordable solution for protecting and accentuating your tiles. It ensures great value without compromising on the quality or aesthetics of your tiling project.

Color Options

Plain Color