Quality Control

NiuYuan’s quality control program is continually evolving to meet the requirements of the strict international norms.
As a top China manufacturer, we recognize the importance of compliance and quality in delivering high-value products to customers.

Full 100 Quality Inspection

Full 100% Quality Inspection

NiuYuan Metal is a manufacturer, stocking warehouse, and supplier of standard, custom, and OEM edgings and trims. Our custom and OEM extrusion services allow us to meet any need our customers may have.

Cut, punch, perforate, and counter-sink, bend to or form any extrusion, and offer several standards and personalized anodized colors and finishes.

Product Inspection Expertise

Our inspections’ comprehensive test criteria cover trim surfaces, dimensions, and weight. To determine the sample size and acceptance threshold, we will carefully study your drawing and samples, and make it as basic reference.

Inspectors are trained per product families and will conduct their inspections either in production areas or at packaging.

Quality Control 1

Why We Insist on Full Inspection

Quality Control
  • Verify quality at the source

  • Avoid recalls and reputational damag

  • Optimize your quality control budge

  • Ensure product quality at every production stage

  • Anticipate production and shipment delays

3 Criteria Matters

Coating Finishes Check

Coating & Finishes Check

For extruded profiles, we evaluate the quality of its coating, including thickness of the coating, evenness of the coating, quality of the edge coating, reflectivity of the surface and smoothness of the surface.

Dimension Testing 2

Dimension Testing

Wall thickness, sizes and locations of blankings, curvature, length, and width are just some of the measurements critical to extruded profiles. Decortrim refers your drawing design which you may use in establishing the geometric dimensioning and tolerancing for your product.

Weight Check

Weight Check

This verifies that product does not exceed the industry limits on weight and density. Extrusions are favored for their lightweight property so it is important that these parameters are checked by sophisticated scale.

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