Stainless Steel Shower Shelf

Stainless Steel Shower Shelf

Stainless Steel Shower Shelf For Your Project With Best Price

NiuYuan is a premier metal tile trim manufacturer, manufacturing aluminium tile trim, stainless steel tile trim, brass tile trim, copper tile trim, metal tile trim corners, etc with strong technical strength and rich experience in engineering applications.

NiuYuan has been manufacturing metal tile trim of different specifications, materials, shapes, and finish treatment.
NiuYuan is readily available for personalized orders and will spare no effort in satisfying your most comprehensive demands. Contact us to request a free quote and the best price.

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Aluminium Tile Trim

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Brass Tile Trim

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Copper Tile Trim

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Metal Tile Trim Corners


Our Advantages

100 Quality Inspection

100% Quality Inspection

NiuYuan has complete control over every product in your order, with no random controls. Its purpose is simple: to ensure that every metal tile trim line meets 100% of k quality requirements by inspecting every single product.

Our comprehensive testing criteria for inspection cover finishing surfaces, dimensions and weights. To determine sample size and acceptance thresholds, we carefully study your drawings and samples and use them as a basic reference.

Inspectors are trained by product line and will conduct inspections in the production area or at the packaging.

Custom Metal Tile Trim Solution

Depending on your specific requirements as our client, we feature the ability to customize your metal tile trim. We do this to ensure that we cater to the specific requirements you have.We ask our clients to work closely with our engineers to ensure they provide exact details of what they want with their metal tile trim.

Benefit from a wide variety of colors, specified sizes and custom finishes for trimming. We cover all wholesale and retail orders as well as OEM orders.

Metal Tile Trim Solution
Tile Trim Supplies

Stable Source for Metal Tile Trim Supplies

More than 15 years of experience and 2,000 assembly spaces ensure our flexibility to provide you with stable and fast shipping of your orders, 24/7. just expand your business and get a steady source of income.

Benefits Of Metal The Trim

Owning a good tile trims products can make your business easier and simpler

Easy To Clean

Able to withstand chemical cleaners, metal tile trim is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms where tough chemicals are more likely to be used.


Metal tile trim is more durable than plastic, resisting wear and tear, and will wear much less over time.

High End Aesthetic

Many tilers choose metal tile trim because they believe it is of a higher quality. While materials like brass can be more expensive than PVC, if you need a top-notch finish, the final look may just be worth the extra cost.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide of Metal Tile Trim

Complete FAQ Guide

What Kind Of Metal Tile Trims?

The four types currently on the market are as follows:

  • Aluminium Tile Trim
  • Stainless Steel Tile Trim
  • Brass Tile Trim
  • Copper Tile Trim

At NiuYuan, custom metal tile trim are our specialty. Our team of experts is fully prepared to provide the solutions you need for your needs.

How To Choose The Right Metal Tile Trims?

There are four main types of metal tile trims that can be used to complete the perimeter of your installation. These include aluminum tile trim, stainless steel tile trim, brass tile trim, or copper tile trim.

If you are going to use trim to complete your edge, we recommend matching the color and material of the trim to the actual tile before beginning the installation.

It is also important to be aware of the size and depth of the trims you need. When choosing your trim, it is always beneficial to match the depth of the trim to your tile, as this will give it a professional look. When measuring, you must take into account the adhesive used when laying your tiles, so choosing a trim that is one size higher than the depth of your tiles is key

For example, if your tiles are 10 mm thick, we recommend using a 12.5 mm trim to ensure a smooth installation and clean finish.2

What Is Metal Tile Trims?

Metal tile trims is used to finish the edges of tile areas, usually corners, if there is no other way, such as bevel cuts, leaving bare tile edges, which can be damaged and generally leave you with an unfinished look.
Metal tile trims helps provide a perfect finish to your tiling job. Not only will it leave you with a professional finish, but it also helps to cover sharp edges or corners, which can also become a hazard.
Metal tile trims also makes a great decorative statement and will work surprisingly well with different tiles and different locations.

How To Install Metal Tile Trims?

Installation of Metal Tile Trims consists of rigid metal strips shaped like an “L”. They are applied to the edges of metal tiles and form a continuous finished edge along one side of the installation area. While metal edging is typically used with metal tiles, it can also be used with ceramic tiles. Installing metal tile trims is very different from installing other types of tile edging, but it is not a complicated process.

Step 1
Install the tiles on the desired surface, but leave a row of tiles at the edge of the area.

Step 2
Use a tape measure to measure the length of one side of the installation area. Place the metal sealing strip on a flat surface and draw a line on it with a pencil for the same length as measured. Use tin snips to cut the metal strip at the appropriate location.

Step 3
Insert the slotted trowel into the mortar used to lay the other tiles and scoop up 1/8 cup to 1/4 cup of mortar. Smooth it over the surface, extending only to the area that will be covered after the last row of tiles is installed.

Step 4
Pick up the metal seal and turn it so that the side with the holes faces the installation surface. Move the seal to the edge of the mortar and press it against the wall. When you do this, the mortar will ooze out of the holes.

Step 5
Immediately place a tile on the wall, making sure it is flush with the paneling and the tile already installed next to it.

Step 6
Use a damp cloth to wipe off any grout that has seeped out from the sides or edges of the tiles.

What Is The Benefit Of Importing Metal Tile Trims From China?

#1 The most complete supply chain

China is the world’s largest producer of tile trims. We can produce or source 100% of the products that fit your needs.

#2 The most competitive price

While ensuring the quality of our equipment, our prices can be half or less than our foreign counterparts. Our value is to make the most cost effective equipment available to fire companies around the world

#3 24-hour online service

You can’t even find any reason to refuse our full service, the customer is our God, we are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and meet your needs.

#4 All customization needs can be met

We understand that the meaning of personalization is very important to our customers. We adhere to this philosophy and meet the needs of our customers and work with them whether they are purchasing from foreign manufacturers or from foreign traders.

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