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NIUYUAN is a leading manufacturer of the tile spacers for use in various applications.

Your Professional Tile Spacers Supplier in China

Whether you are planning to import tile spacers for Wholesale, NIUYUAN is your perfect choice. Being one of the top tile spacers manufacturers, we had shipped a variety of tile spacers to more than 100 countries. We manufacture Bread Maker following the highest quality standards and your specific requirement.

NIUYUAN focuses on 100% customer satisfaction, we strive to deliver the best product and service. For a custom solution, you can choose from our design and custom to your brand or send your own design. Send us your inquiry so you could get an instant quote.

NIUYUAN Tile Spacers Project

Y Tile Spacers

Y tile spacers are shaped like the letter Y, with one end designed to fit between tiles and the other end designed to hold the spacer in place.

T Tile Spacers

T Tile spacers are small plastic or metal devices that are used to help ensure that tiles are evenly spaced and aligned during the installation process.

Floor Tile Spacers

Floor Tile spacers come in various sizes to accommodate different size tiles and grout lines. They are an essential tool for anyone installing tiles, whether it be on a floor, wall, or other surface.

Tile Leveling Spacers

Tile leveling spacers are a type of tool used in the process of installing tiles to help ensure that the tiles are evenly spaced and level.

Reusable Tile Spacers

Reusable tile spacers are a type of tile spacer that can be used multiple times during the installation process.

Horseshoe Shim

Tile shims are typically placed between the substrate (the surface on which the tiles will be installed) and the tiles themselves, and can be easily cut or shaped to fit around corners or other irregular surfaces.

Finding your matching style? we have got more than you can see here. Contact us for more!

Tile Spacers Advantage

Owning a good tile spacers products can make your business easier and simpler

Easy to use

NIUYUAN Tile spacers are easy to install and remove, making them a convenient choice for DIY projects.


Tile spacers can be used with a variety of tile sizes and materials, making them a versatile choice for many projects.


Tile spacers help to ensure that tiles are evenly spaced and level, resulting in a professional-looking installation.

Why NIUYUAN Can Be Your Reliable Tile Spacers Factory

NIUYUAN can manufacture multi designs of tile spacers if you are a building materials brand and need to find a professional tile spacers supplier in china, then NIUYUAN will be your first choice. For normal tile spacers orders, we can provide you 7 to 20 days lead time, but if you are urgent, we can also speed up for you.

NIUYUAN has over over 20 engineers to make custom tile spacers for your brand, We can custom a sample for you to check the quality before real order, all NIUYUAN tile spacers have passed the certifications like CE, Rohs etc, just send us your inquiry for your next tile spacers order.

Reliable Tile Spacer Factory
PP Raw materials

Premium Material

NIUYUAN design tile spacers utilizing high-grade PP and PE. Each element offers advantageous traits for the final product, including:

  • High strength
  • Chemical resistance
  • Temperature resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Moisture resistance
  • Ease of processing
  • Recyclability

100% Quality Inspection

NiuYuan has complete control over every product in your order, with no random controls. Its purpose is simple: to ensure that every tile spacers line meets 100% of quality requirements by inspecting every single product.

Our comprehensive testing criteria for inspection cover dimensions and colors. To determine sample size and acceptance thresholds, we carefully study your drawings and samples and use them as a basic reference.

Inspectors are trained by product line and will conduct inspections in the production area or at the packaging.

100 Quality Inspection

NIUYUAN - Tile Spacers Supplier in China

Delivers high-quality tile spacers to customers worldwide.

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