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On-Demanding Shapes

NIUYUAN offers an all-in-one customization service for your business, where we will recommend shapes for you based on the area where the tile or flooring will be installed. Additionally, we can customize your style based on what is popular in the retail market in a specific country.

Our warehouse shelves are stocked with a large inventory of complete molds to provide you with over 12,000 tile trim line shapes. If you do need custom punching dies and extrusion dies, we will help you design them at no charge.

Your Shapes. Your Custom Project.

Straight Edge

Straight Edge

Straight edge or L-shaped trim features a slight slope to the vertical wall, providing a sharp feel while protecting the tiles on the border.
Square Edge

Square Edge

You can use the square edge for floors, walls or counters. The clean edges provide a modern and attractive view of the exterior corners.
Round Edge

Round Edge

The Round shaped trim, often referred to as a bullnose, is an attractive alternative to the traditional tile bullnose.
U Shaped

U Shape

U shape tile trim is designed to turn a tile floor into a slightly lower floor. Provides tile edge protection to help protect the tiles.
V Shape

V Shape

V shape tile trim is designed to complete and protect the corners of ceramic and stone countertops and stairs.
T Shaped

T Shape

The T shape tile trim is the perfect solution for covering gaps of the same height between two floors. It is easy to install and can be installed before or after tiling.

Finding your matching shape?

We have got more than you can see here. 

Right Shapes for Right Area



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