Aluminum Tile Trim

NIUYUAN has rich experience in aluminium tile trim fabrication for various industries. We have advanced manufacturing equipment to perform the different processes of aluminum tile trim fabrication.

Aluminum Tile Trim

Because of its characteristics, Aluminum is one of the most preferred choices for tile trim fabrication. They are flexible, cost-effective, and have a wide selection of options.

NIUYUAN aluminum tile trim fabrication is ideal for Interior decoration due to its high-strength and corrosion-resistant properties. Besides, they are highly machinable and weather-resistant.

NIUYUAN is a leading aluminum tile trim fabrication in China. We work with various aluminum alloy grades to match your preferences. NIUYUAN provides various fabrication services such as extrusion, forming, cutting, bending, and punching.

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Aluminium tile trim, often referred to as aluminum edge trim or aluminum tile edging, is a frequently used element in the process of tile installations. It gives the tiles a clean, finished look and protects the edges from chipping and wear. The variety of tile trim profiles to select from depends on factors such as the tile type, installation area, and the overall look you wish to achieve. Here are some popular profiles of aluminum tile trim:

L-shaped profile: This profile has an “L” shaped design, with one side flush with the tile surface and the other extending out, providing a clear, visible edge. It’s a versatile choice, ideal for most tile installations, lending the project a neat, polished look.

Round profile: This profile, with its round, curving shape, offers the tile a softer, more decorative edge. It’s frequently used in areas such as kitchens or bathrooms where a subdued, sophisticated look is desired.

Square profile: Showcasing a sharp, modern aesthetic, the square shape is a popular choice in tile installations aiming for a streamlined, minimalist vibe, often seen in contemporary and industrial-style interiors.

As the name suggests, this profile is T-shaped, with one side in line with the tile surface and two arms extending out in opposite directions. It’s often used as a transitional piece between different floor types, such as carpet and tile, or as an attractive separator for tiles of varying patterns or colors.

Step profile: With its stepped or layered shape, the step profile creates an illusion of steps. It’s commonly used where a more dynamic or three-dimensional appearance is needed, for instance, on stair risers or feature walls.

The profiles mentioned above represent just a few options available for aluminum tile trim. Selecting a specific profile will depend on your unique tile installation needs, personal taste, and budget constraints. It’s advisable to consult with a seasoned installer or tile supplier to choose the profile that will best serve your specific project.

Aluminum Tile Trim Features

Ecellent Alternative

Opt for aluminum tile trim as an economically sound substitute for plastic tile trim. This option offers enhanced heat resistance and superior strength, boosting its value for money.


Aluminum tile trim fabrication can be used in many ways. It can perform laser cutting, forming, machining, and bending.

Excellent Finish

NIUYUAN's production of aluminum tile trim delivers a superior surface finish, including brushed and chrome-plated textures. It can also be anodized into Multiple colors.

Premium Material

Premium Aluminum Material

NIUYUAN design aluminum tile trim utilizing high-grade 6063-T5 aluminum alloy,6063-T6 aluminum alloy and 6463 aluminum alloy. Each element offers advantageous traits for the final product, including:

  • Durable & heavy-duty
  • Rustproof
  • Smooth surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Do not break/fall easily
  • Elegant appearance
  • Stable shape

Color & Custom Finish of Aluminum Tile Trim

Each aluminum tile trim can be applied to different scenarios and match different tiles with its unique color. NIUYUAN has a large selection of tile trim color designs and styles.




Powder Coat

Wood Grain


Punching Hole Shape

Punching Hole Shape

NIUYUAN can provide you with custom punching services to help you highlight your own brand logo and uniqueness on your products and increase your customers’ awareness and familiarity with your brand., including:

  • Your Logo
  • Square
  • Round
  • TriangleTriangle
  • Star
  • Diamond
  • Letters

Customize Aluminum Tile Trim Package

Quality packaging can protect the aluminum tile trim from damage in transit, while beautiful sales packaging can improve customer confidence.

Aluminum Tile Trims Supplier in China

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Aluminum Tile Trim Manufacturing Processes

Design Tooling

Design & Tooling

The first step in the manufacturing process is the design and creation of tooling, which is used to extrude the aluminum into the desired shape and size.

Extrusion Fabrication

Extrusion & Fabrication

The extrusion process involves heating a billet of aluminum to a specific temperature and then pushing it through a shaped die to create the continuous profile of the tile trim.

Cooling and Cutting

Cooling and Cutting

After the aluminum profile is extruded, it is cooled and cut into the desired lengths using a saw or cutting machine.

Punching Hole

Punching Hole

Holes or slots are punched into the aluminum tile trim using a punch press. These holes allow for easy installation and flexibility of the trim.

Finishes Treatment

Finishes Treatment

The aluminum tile trim is then finished using a range of techniques such as anodizing, powder coating, or painting. These techniques improve the durability and aesthetics of the trim, making it more resistant to wear, corrosion, and fading.



The finished aluminum tile trim is then packaged and shipped to distributors, wholesalers, and end-users.

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