Brass Tile Trim

NIUYUAN is a leading manufacturer of the brass tile trim for use in various applications.
Perfect for tile decoration, tile protection, interior decoration, and more.

Custom Brass Tile Trim Production

NIUYUAN’s Brass Tile Edge Trim is the ideal choice to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your tiles. Available in various sizes and shapes, it seamlessly blends with different tile designs. Crafted with high-quality brass material, it not only protects the edges of your tiles but also creates a visually appealing transition.

With decorative options like embossed patterns, engraved designs, and different finishes, you can customize the trim to match your style. We can even apply special treatments like coatings or unique patinas for added visual interest.

Whether you need functionality or unique design elements, we can tailor the trim to meet your specific requirements. At NIUYUAN, we strive to provide you with a customized and stylish solution for enhancing the beauty of your tile installations.

Got A Drawing? Upload for Customization

NIUYUAN has helped many different industries, such as makers of factory-made equipment, store furniture, advertising signs, and others. Whether you need unique designs or regular items, we can get it done for you when you need it, just the way you ask, and for a good price.

Brass Tile Trim Specification

NIUYUAN offers a wide range of size options for brass tile trim, including different widths, heights, and thicknesses to suit various tile sizes and installation requirements. Custom sizes can also be produced to meet specific project needs.

Material Brass
Shape L shape, Round edge, T shape, U shape, Square edge, or Customized
Height 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, or Custiomized
Length 2.44m, 2.5m, 2.7m, 3m, Customized
Thickness 0.4mm~3mm, or Customized
Color Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Antique, etc.
Surface Treatment Brush, Antique, Satin, Polished, Chrome Plated, Customized
Punching Hole Square, Round, Triangle, Diamond, Star, or Customized

Color & Custom Finish of Brass Tile Trim

Each brass tile trim can be applied to different scenarios and match different tiles with its unique color. NIUYUAN has a large selection of tile trim color designs and styles.




Solid Brass

Punching Hole Shape

Punching Hole Shape

NIUYUAN can provide you with custom punching services to help you highlight your own brand logo and uniqueness on your products and increase your customers’ awareness and familiarity with your brand., including:

  • Your Logo
  • Square
  • Round
  • TriangleTriangle
  • Star
  • Diamond
  • Letters

Custom Brass Tile Trim Package

Quality packaging can protect the brass tile trim from damage in transit, while beautiful sales packaging can improve customer confidence.

Brass Tile Trim Advantage

Owning a good brass tile trim products can make your business easier and simpler

High-Quality Materials

NIUYUAN offers a brass tile trim made from premium quality materials. It can be copper, brass, bronze etc.

Easy To Clean

Able to withstand chemical cleaners, brass tile trim is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms where tough chemicals are more likely to be used.


Brass tile trim is more durable than plastic, resisting wear and tear, and will wear much less over time.

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